Mens raymond weil; need opinions

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  1. I'm a guy in my early 20's. I received this as a gift. Thoughts anyone? Too small? It's 18k gold and stainless steel
    image-2235980818.jpg image-1177189996.jpg
  2. I'm thinking to return it but not sure
  3. i dont know, looks classic to me... i vote that you keep it :smile:
  4. I thought it looked a bit too big
    Nice watch though
  5. i think it looks great actually, but you don't love it so find something that you do love
  6. It's look great on you! But if u don't love it with all your heart, do exchange it for something else.
  7. Lol my wrists are very small maybe that's why
  8. Reminds me a little of the oversized squadra reverso by jlc.
  9. Congrats, the Parsifal is classic! Is yours two-toned? I don't think it looks "too small" - it works. But you would intuitively know what flatters you best so if in doubt -swap it out! I could see a larger size working well for you, though, not too large. The "gigantic, oversized" trend in men's watches is starting to subside, anyway, and looks out of place when you want to look super tailored for an important meeting or formal event. But if you do want to keep it, I think it looks very classy on you -esp. with that LV in the background keeping you company!
  10. I love the watch, but I'm thinking you should change the design.
  11. You mean change the band?
  12. Thank you! I agree, I'm not a huge fan of big fashion watches. And yes - it's gold plated on silver stainless steel. So it's two toned