Men's Prada Lizard skin wallet


Sep 11, 2006
Hey y'all. I was at Prada today, and saw this gorgeous lizard skin wallet going for £185.

Before going to get it, I just wanted to ask if lizard is difficult to maintain and stuff.. So, any advice you can give me to take care of lizard stuff? And £185 is very reasonable for an exotic skinned wallet from Prada, right? Is the lizard of top quality?

Sorry for so many questions! Just need to be sure!!


FYI I am a guy
Apr 20, 2006
I love the look of lizard skin but it unfortunately doesn't last. I'm a very new fan of prada (it never really appealed to me and then suddenly one day BAM! i feel like prada lol) the price is pretty good but i would be scared the quality. the very high quality Hermes lizard skin used comes with the warning that it eventually dries out and flakes, and there is nothing that can be done. Apparently it has a life expectancy of 10 years or so. i doubt Prada is using H quality skins esp. at that price. Are you sure it is real lizard skin? i mean lv canvas wallets are more expensive? good luck whatever u choose


Mar 18, 2006
^ITA- lizard isn't a "forever" material but it is gorgeous- price isn't bad either. I saw a croc card case at a Prada outlet a month ago in the most gorgoeous white with greenish marbleing color :drool: Damn should've bought that thing!