Men's peekaboo/peekaboy


Jul 17, 2010
I'm pretty much sold on the bag (non-monster version), but I wanted some information about it. I'm wondering if it's heavy, practical (as it'll become a workhorse because I was told the leather is scratch resistant), the quality (it'll be first fendi), and maintenance required/suggested. Though info is not limited to peekaboo owners, I'd love to hear from anyone that may be able to help.


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Jun 25, 2015
Hey dude! So, I don't know if you had the help you needed, I just noticed this thread is well almost 3 years old and since nobody deigned to post anything, from a peekaboo owner, I can tell you this:
1.- This bag IS heavy, that's a FACT, and that's due to it's sturdy and structured construction, also the materials used for it are quite substantial and heavy by nature
2.- The cuoio romano which is the kind of leather that is used in the Selleria line is just EFFING precious and sturdy as F*CK, so yeah, selleria bags are workhorses, they're literally inspired by horse saddlery, the story tells that Adele Fendi saw how the horse riders were proud to show the fine made saddlery while they were riding and it gave her the idea to make bags from that very sturdy and highly granular leather, along with the quality of the leather the concept of the entirety of the production process made by hand is part of the quality, uniqueness and craftsmanship of that line.
3.- The woman's peekaboo is itself an icon, so no wonder they finally made that classic and tweaked it for the male market, IMHO buying a selleria bag is the right investment, but buying a selleria peekaboo is THE right idea.
4.- Currently in 2017, there are 3 size options for the peekaboo's male version, the regular one (which is the humongous size that was originally introduced in 2014), the "small" size (which is actually the regular or medium size) and the new small version called "Fit".

I guess the only thing left for me to say is, good luck deciding which model/design/color combo you want, haha.

I hope this helps you, and also, if you in fact got one, please share your pics in a thread I started for peekaboy owners ( ), I'd love to see more people joining on the fun!
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