Men's Necklace - Need Opinions

  1. Okay...I rarely make men's jewelry, but I needed to figure out something for my younger brother (who just turned 26). I showed my mom and she thinks he'll like it.

    So, my question you think this is a style/design that other men would be interested in? The problem I see is the cost. It is fine silver (99.9% pure silver) and each and every link (and the clasp) is hand fired and hammered for strength and then oxidized to make it more masculine (less shiny) ... it took over 6 hours to make and I would have to charge over $125 to make it worth it. :s

    Thoughts? Would anyone pay that much for their husband's jewelry??? I know my husband wouldn't wear it but I have spent that much for him on other things (like a cross and a watch).

    I'd love feedback.


    Maybe I'll have him model it! :nuts:
  2. my BF has a sterling silver necklace... I would totally get him something like that!! I LOVE the details on it. I think the question is length. Hey i might want one of those for my BF's bday!
  3. I made this one to fit my brother so it's around 16 inches, but if I do offer it on my website I'll be sure to make it so that people can choose different lengths.

    And thank you for the compliments. Hammering each link takes longer than anything else and my thumb and finger are sore from trying to hold them in place! LOL :P
  4. I totally appreciate the work of a silversmith!!!! :flowers:

    It does add to the cost but still worth it knowing that it's "hand-made"
  5. It looks good :biggrin: think he'll love it