Men's Muse

  1. Ladies -

    I need your help in locating the Sac de Voyage Muse en Clair (Chocolate Suede Muse) ......

    If you go to the YSL web site and look at the men's accessories, that bag is on rotation (sorry but its a Flash file and won't let me cut-n-paste a pic).

    Help! Do any other stores sell this or is it only the YSL boutiques?

    Reason I ask is because I am heading to NYC for work this week and if need be will tell the driver to stop at the YSL boutique for a quick jaunt in.

    My happiness is dependent on you (not really but it sounds better!) ;)

  2. Was able to figure out how to get a picture from the Flash file -- I am salivating on this bag and any help would be appreciated!
    ysl_muse (2).jpg
  3. Sorry Clark. I have not seen it but I will let you know if I do.
  4. Have you tried calling a YSL store for more info? I've purchased through the store at South Coast Plaza in Orange County, CA. Karissa is a great SA there and is more than willing to take photos and email them to you.

    You should try giving her a call and see if they have the Men's Muse and an oversized Muse. I'm sure she'd be more than willing to take photos of the two together so that you can compare sizes. She's usually pretty quick about getting back to you too!

    The number to that store is (714) 429-0101--good luck!
  5. Ooh, does anyone know how much that bag costs?
  6. The bag is HUGE and it's pretty heavy... It's was around SGD2500 I think. It's really lovely. I wanted to get it, but the sheer size of it put me off... Nevertheless, it's ultra fabulous!!
  7. Sorry Clarke, I don't know where else you can find it, but it is fabulous :drool: I'm 99% certain that NM doesn't have it, at least not the one near me. Good luck finding one!
  8. Oy... In that case, I'll forget about it... Think I'll concentrate on trying to find a suitable bag that I can get to wear on evenings out...