men's miroir belt upcoming

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  1. My SA last week showed me the FW lookbook and I was checking out the prices for the Bequia Fourre Tout (name from another thread) but actually called the Grand Cabas or something like that in the lookbook. Its 2850 and my SA is ordering it for me to see. I can't wait. I also saw a bequia leather Grimaud for 2250 or so that I also hope they bring in too. Those will come out in August or September I believe

    Anyway I noticed there was a men's miroir belt to be released for 420 USD. I don't recall seeing that on the FW runway show so I am wondering if this is part of the prefall collection. I am not familiar with the difference between the a collecton and precollection? Is the prefall normally an "appetizer" before the main course?

    The miroir belt looks cute but I am wondering how would anyone on this thread wear it. i know a lady would be able to pull it off better for everyday use than a guy.

    I wish my memory was more photographic :sad: because I saw a lot of cute stuff in the lookbook for men and women with MSRP.

    thanks G
  2. Thanks for sharing! I couldn't agree w/ u more- I don't think it'll look good on me lol
  3. mmm with a pair on black skinny jeans and a black shirt
  4. ^^^That would look hot
  5. Miroir belt for men sounds y-u-m-m-y alright!
  6. That belt sounds interesting. I think I'd have to see what the buckle part looks like.
  7. Can't wait to see a pic of that Miroir belt!!! :nuts:
  8. I think it would look really hot on some of the guys on here. I esp. think it's something you would wear John. :yes:
  9. is it the one that the buckle is Louis Vuitton written in handwritting??
  10. I HOPE these are US dollars?
  11. I wonder how the belt looks like?