Men's LV Club

  1. Great collection, thanks for sharing!:smile:
  2. here a group shot of most of my Men's Runway/LE bags and accessories:


    and here's my newest addition:


  3. ^^^:love:
  4. Hey guys,

    I am glad to be a part of this group. View my collection via my links below. I will come back and post the photos later.
  5. great collection all!
  6. My Limited Editions and Runway Bags...

  7. Just bought my first two pieces! The small-ring monogram agenda as well as the lv initials silvery buckle mat glazed belt. Love em both! My camera is just getting fixed, but after i will definitely post.
  8. You're all enablers!

    I need to get a small bag to carry items for the weekend, maybe to be used sometime for work when I don't need to carry any A4 items. I was thinking of the Messenger PM Bosphore (in monogram), Olav PM or Citadin. Any other suggestions? ^^
  9. If you like taiga the luka is a smallerish bag that was just released.
  10. ^ i agree, Taiga is the best for work but can still be used casually too :yes: check out the Dimitri or the Saratov PM as well.
  11. Thanks for the advice guys.

    Unfortunately, the Taiga line is my least favourite; I would rather the leather was actually tumbled than stamped. I will look into the Luka though. Otherwise, may have to seettle for the DG Loup/Citadin in black. Most people in teh City seem to be happy with their Fitness First backpacks so it's not all that bad!
  12. well you could try utah then they have 2 smaller bags (1 boxy and 1 flat pouch) and a messenger type smaller bag in it ( I cant recall the names). If you can find some and want a bag thats alot more casual some of this year's LV cup bags like solent might work but the solent is very small for alot of people, mine fits all my stuff (but is packed) and I carry a fair bit (watercolor kit, pens, small sketchbook, wallet, keys, sunglasses) and might be too casual for work. I do like the citadin though although I have never been a fan of the DG material or bags as they dont seem to have enough accents for me.
  13. :p
    1.JPG PICT0012.JPG PICT0023.JPG PICT0213.JPG
  14. Wow you asked almost the same question I was going to! I'm looking for something very similar but what do u guys thing about the corners on that Taiga Luka. I think I prefer the clean look... but that could grow on me. I know that I can't carry monogram. It's just too much for me. That Luka looks like it will hold my wallet phone and other things. I've lost so many things since I moved to Switzerland it's not funny.!
  15. Glad to help, he he ^^

    I must admit that the Luka doesn't look too bad. I would still prefer cleaner (i.e. no buckle), but I will have a look in-store alongside the DG Citadin at some point next week. (I reckon the Citadin because I would use the smaller bag more for the weekends).