Men's LV Club

  1. Robbie > fantastic LV pieces... makes me want to get my first (and prob ONLY) Suhali piece too :graucho: btw, your Cassiar is actually in beautiful Epicea (evergreen) not Grizzli (brown) ;)
  2. OMG thank you! I never really understood the names of Taiga colors! Thanks for the clarification!
  3. Ooooh I love the tie and tie clip, so cute together !
  4. I love the Damier Geant bag!
  5. first bag from fashionphile! It was like brand new the person used it for like a week and didnt like it and SUCH good care was taken! not stains smelss dirt oil etc! Mint! So happy! woulda gotten in the store but they didnt have it and I needed it immediately for school (and a new one which is rare for resellers) but Sarah to the rescue! I have quite a bit more but I'm too tired to post pics now, maybe l8r, only reason im posting these is cuz they're the actual pics of the bag from the auction I bought from and I dont have to go thru the trouble of taking pics LOL, I know im bad :graucho: ! :yahoo:




  6. I am not a man, but I still use a men's billfold as my primary wallet.

    ETA: Oops! Almost forgot the pics!
    lvwallet.jpg lvwalletinside.jpg
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  7. I have a small damier agenda, damier key and chain holder and a damier business card holder (used as a wallet when I use a wallet) !
  8. i must be slow because I can't get the inside of mine's attached somewhere, and knowing me, I'd get frustrated and just rip it out.

  9. I :heart::heart::heart::heart:this one!!! I think this will be my next one!

    I've got an PSP case with panda!

  10. Haha I had troube 2, sara said put ur hands at the bottom and push the edges and pull and it came out! I dunno if its magnets but the force it a little strong. It's not meant to come out anyways she said, they put it in to keep its shape.
  11. thanks! i'm going to try that when i get home tonight. it would be so much easier for me to carry it during school without the middle sections. now i'll be able to get some more use out of it.


  12. My books fit fine, about 4 full size spiral notebooks and a pencil case and some other small stuff is all I carry anyways, and it's pretty much perfect. But ur bag will lose some of it's shape, but it'll still look good, I'd try it too but someday days I take my lappy with me and I use the lil strechy pockets in the insert. I pretty much only use this now, my bastille, abbesses etc. aren't as practial as this one because they a) dont hold as much tbh (no extra pockets like this one) and b) don't have something to protect my lappy (the inside thing u wanna pull out) But if it works for u go for it! :yes: I really want the new utah wichita or omaha now!
  13. I have a picture of my utah wichita in the following thread! PM me if you have any questions...
  14. Here's my hubby's wallet in damier and a Taiga agenda he once had:
    Picture 549.jpg Taiga.jpg Taiga1.jpg
  15. I'm In!!!!! Just got my very first LV Peice on Thursday! The Damier Pocket Agenda.
    9.jpg 8.jpg