MENS ITEMS..... HARD CASE Breifcases....and more

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Hello All,
I just got my latest LV purchase in today...

Let me tell you the history.

I have wanted a HARD CASE briefcase for years... they have always been so expensive and very rarely available on the used market. I tried to convince myself that HARD CASE breifcases were out of date... but that made me want one all the more - especially if it is OUT of fashion. I like to defy fashion. The HARD CASE BRIEFCASE would become the pinnacle of my collection...

Anyhow I have been searching ebay daily for LOUIS VUITTON BRIEFCASES and then I saw something last week.

0 feedback bidder... Louis Vuitton Hard Case briefcase...
2 poor photos...
I thought I would place a bid.
I checked the photos with my LV catalogues and it all appeared correct.

I won the auction last Friday.
I thought PayPal would be the best way to pay - they do offer protection - so I sent AU$1200- to a 0 feedback bidder and crossed my fingers...

Anyhow... The item arrived and YES IT IS REAL!
I took a huge risk and it paid off... (mind you Paypal does reduce the risk).
I am so happy with the purchase.

The Item is a LOUIS VUITTON TIAGA DIPLOMATE BRIEFACE in burgendary. Date code reveals the bag is from 1997. Condition is excellent if not mint (very few light scruffs, marks).

I am so happy.

I finally have a HARD CASE Louis Vuitton item...

My mens section is looking FANTASTIC.

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