MENS ITEMS..... Breifcases....and more

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  1. Hi.
    DH has a few LV Items. (trying to convert him so we can collect together!)
    LV Wallets - 1 in mono, 1 in black epi
    Mono Document holder
    Serviette Fermoir in mono
    Serviette Ambasador in black epi

    I wanted to get DH a hard case in the future.... however he says the square sided hard briefcase is really a thing of the past - like brick mobile phones and pocket watches.... he said the soft items (like his 2 briefcases) are modern classics that will not date.

    DH feels the attache cases like the PRESIDENT or DIPLOMATE will not come back in style.... opinions please....


  2. Well if he doesn't like them, I wouldn't try and force those styles upon him. After all, he will be the one carry them.
  3. Your hubby has great taste. No pics of his billfolds? :sad:

    I spot a red Radonnee!!!! I never realized how huge it was... :nuts:

  4. WHAT A FRENCH BAG INDEED! HUBBY LOVES THE RADONNEE - I believe it is the large size.... absolute stunner!

    We went into the LV store on the Gold Coast - Australia... with the red radonnee..... we were then given complimentary champaign.....
  5. I would agree that softer bags are more modern. Plus a laptop is much heavier than the papers that were carried in hard cases making them that much heavier. I do like the classic look of a hard sided case, but I wouldn't want to carry anything without a shoulder strap for work.
  6. ^^I agree, he has great taste!! How about briefcase in Nomade leather?
  7. Personally, I'm your husbands opposite. I think hardcases are timeless and soft-sided pieces lose their appeal. A hardcase would be the pinnacle of my collection
  8. I agree with euroaddict. If your dh doesn't like them, than I wouldn't buy one for him. It would be the same as if he bought you a purse you didn't care for. You aren't going to carry it or if you do, it will because you feel obligated to do so because it was a gift from him.

    I personally think that style is dated too. I mean they are very nice but when I think of a briefcase in that style, I think of an older business man carrying them. (No offense to anyone on the boards!!) I can understand why your dh would want something more modern looking. I think the messanger style bags for men will be in style for a long time just because of the ease of carrying the bag.
  9. Love that radonnee!!!!!! Do you have any more photos of it? Any modeling photos? That bag looks amazing. :faint:
  10. wow that briefcase in black epi is stunning!!
  11. love all fo them..:heart::tup:
  12. The monogram canvas briefcase is cool!
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    i remember those pics..... wasn't your "husband" a memeber here before, the watch dealer person?!! who was banned few times?!!! just curious.
    whatever happened to him?!!!:confused1:

    and deep apology if you weren't the same person..... but i saw your other thread about 'watches'....

    more i think about it, i remember when he was asking the authentity of those bags here! he used to talk about "wife" - you on this boad often!
  14. I have never been on this forum before. I only found this forum about 2 weeks ago!
    I am a little upset you did not PM me before SHOUTING these crazy allegations out in public.......

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