Mens Heritage Stripe Billfold Wallet

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  1. I know everyone here was debating on this wallet for your hubby so I wanted to let you all know that I couldn't stand it lol I gave this wallet to my fiance tonight. His face was shocked a little and he really likes the wallet and the feel of it. So if any of you are still deciding to get this for your husband/boyfriend etc. go for it. My fiance is really picky usually but he loved it so if he can be pleased with it I think so can the rest of the men in this world.. I just wanted to share that with everyone.

    again here is pictures of the wallet...
  2. Good choice! I exchanged my Heritage Stripe wallet for the smaller size... this one was a bit too large for me. :sad:
  3. I want one of these but my mom and friends would kill me. They think I've bought too much coach as it is.

  4. thanks again for showing me this wallet.. I would have never known about it so fast if it wasnt for you!:tup:
  5. Thanks for showing us! I am going to order this for my fiance!
  6. I like it but I wish it was a tri fold....
  7. I like it too but I know my dh would not go for the siggy :tdown:
  8. I like this one a lot... I think I might get it for my Dad. Last year I got him a leather Coach mens wallet for his birthday. I told him that he deserves it because he brought me my first Coach and always gets me Coach on my birthday. My Mom loved the idea of giving him a Coach wallet.