Men's HAC Poll..Which do you think is appropriate??


Which Birkin HAC 36cm Color?

  1. HAVANNE w/ Gold Palladium

  2. GRAPHITE w/ Ruthenium

  3. GRAPHITE w/ Silver Palladium

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  1. Hi everyone. Im starting a poll because one of the Pfers suggest it.

    As you may all know that I have ordered the Birkin HAC 32cm, Potiron w/Gold Palladium this weekend. After thinking about it for 48 hours, I thought about the Stain/Durability/Wearability and Masculinity factor. Also, If Im going to spend $$$K on this better be WORTH it without any remorse.

    To have an idea of my physique to match my future bag...Im 5'4 MALE, 38 yrs young, Lean/Muscular toned, Brunette.

    I believe, I will upgrade the size of the Birkin HAC32cm to HAC36cm. I feel is more masculine and versatile.

    My color options are:

    1) Havanne w/Gold Palladium

    2) Graphite w/ Ruthenium OR Silver Palladium.

    I will make the call tomorrow, and It will be my first/last and final modification.

    (Im warming to the Graphite w/ Ruthenium HAC36cm...IF ANY OF YOU HAVE PICS..PLEASE SEND or PM me of this or similar color bag)

    Then the wait begins!

    Thank you Ladies and Gents for all your support.
  2. Hi Luv,

    The best advice I can offer is to get exactly what makes your heart sing and your stomach flipflop... is there one color and leather that just leaves you speechless? Good luck!
  3. You know MY pick! Graphite with Ruthenium!!!!! Yum!
  4. ^^Ditto--Graphite with the darker Ruthenium will look amazing and definitely masculine!
  5. I'm with the Graphite/Ruthenium camp on this one! Also, I think a 36 HAC would look great on you!
  6. me too.....divine combo on a guy!!!!
  7. Graphite and Ruth all the way!
  8. Yay, one day i wish to own one....ahhh! i too am a guy and im lusting over these bags, atm im leaning towards a large kelly (40) but i love the birkin equally. Unfortunately it doesnt really matter right now becuase i cant afford either (im 17)! i adore the graphite and Ruthenium combo, i do like pallad as well (I'm sure i will be getting palladnium on mine) so i might as well go for that cos its agaisnt what everyone is going for lol
  9. I have a male friend who tried on HACs on the store, who's 5'8" and on the lean side. The 36cm was perfect for him. He's tried on both Birkins and HACs and the HAC looked better on him.
  10. Graphite w/ Ruthenium gets my vote. :yes: I think there is a picture of a graphite birkin on you look under gray birkins. :yes:
  11. Me too! This is fabulous!
  12. Thanks everyone for your input.

    I made a phone call to modify my order. After much thoughts, I have decided on the Birkin HAC 36cm and was given 2 choices, 1st one is my ultimate and the 2nd was my alternate choice. The leather was either Togo or Clamence.

    Graphite w/ Ruthenium (My 1st choice)

    Potiron w/ Gold Paladium (My original choice)

    I love the Graphite color and It's very versatile and elegant. "If" the Potiron arrives before the Graphite (In the future)..I would still LOVE it.

    I was told that the listing does not start by early 2007 and she wrote my modifications down, gave me 2 choices in leathers and colors. The main choice was Graphite and the alternate one is Potiron.She mention she will get on that "List" when the listing starts! She's very to the point and quick about it. I was on the phone less than 10 minutes. sounds good to me! Im very patient. It's best for me not to think about it because if it "comes"..I will be so happy. I just hope that when the listing begins..I will be "in" it! I definitely will not call every month and inquire.

    I believe in destiny.
  13. Great approach and attitude! Seriously, it's so much better to forget it and just get that unexpected phone call. Calling them often will not help matters--unless it's shortly after January's order-and I would just limit it to that.
  14. luvurbag - Congrats on getting on the list. I'm with everyone with the graphite. I think it would look great on you! Crossing my fingers that it comes soon for you, and the time passes quickly.
  15. LUVURBAG.......wonderful philosophy and one I completely agree with. Il destino.....