Men's H Ties

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  1. I did a little search for information on men's ties and came up empty. I am interested in learning how to authenticate ties....are there any that are considered "classics"? do they come out with a new collection each season as they do with scarves? (there's a method to my madness a new beau who's a keeper and, well...he should look as faboo as I do, don't you think?!? :graucho: ) TIA, HNE
  2. Can't comment on the authentication question, as I buy H ties only from the store.

    But yes, there are new season ties like there are new scarves. And like scarves, the new designs do not all arrive at the beginning of the season. Paris sends the ties to the store in installments.

    Oh yes, congratulations (your beau)
  3. Yeah, same for me too, I only buy the ties from the store. And yes, there are new collection every season and I love those animal themes :smile:

    Ohh! Yes, "use a tie to tie him down"? :idea::p:amuse:
  4. :roflmfao: PF!!!!

    My favorite is the one with the hippos. So cute!!!
  5. The latest one that I am waiting for, from the whimsical range shows a jockey riding on a rocking horse, and a real horse shocked at such a sight. This one is cute, cute, cute.
  6. MrsS: That sounds interesting.. if there is ties with Beavers or Chickens, I will be getting them in a heartbeat!
  7. It's very cute, princessfrog. I don't usually buy ties with whimsical motifs but this one made me smile instantly. So I thought my DH won't mind wearing this on days he wants to make fun of himself or this clients :lol:.
  8. Here you go, princessfrog

    This photo is from There are other colours and I like this pastel blue best
    SS2007 Tie Blue Item Num 5313.jpg
  9. I really love the simple H ties, especially in the Hermes color orange :yes: Will have to get my man one of those sometime, works great since his name starts with H ;)
  10. Mrs S: I like! no I really like it... Calling my SA now..
  11. HNE, there is a way to authenticate ties. I am going to PM you a picture. I don't want to make this information public. Also, they issue a new collection of ties every year. The style number is usually printed on the tie. The lower the number, the older the tie, and the more collectible it is to some collectors.
  12. I bought my boss a beaver tie last year (and I remember a beaver tie from the 1990s) and there are lots of ties with chickens (I remember one with a fox trying to steal a chicken's eggs). My DH has hundreds of H ties. They are his faves.

    hNe, I was going to say the same thing as HG. PM me if you need help. But, I'm sure that a tutorial from HG will be all the help you need!
  13. Ninja Sue: Yes, DH got the beaver one last year too :smile: I need to be more alert on chicken ties :p Thanks for headsup!
  14. I love to get my DBF Hermes ties. He prefers more simple ones, so it takes some time to find those, but they are always worth it!