Men's Gucci Wallet

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  1. I am just curious if it is possible to get a new or almost new men's guccissima wallet for around 175$ I see other gucci wallets in that range but is it possible to get one for close to that price. I saw one on ebay earlier that looked legit but didn't have picture of serial so I didn't bid.

    Thanks, I will be getting some cash in the future but was curious if I can find them in that price range
  2. Yes, I've seen them in that price range on bluefly and from consignment shops online.

    ETA: Sorry, these were canvas wallets, not guccissima. Maybe the card holders and smaller wallets are in that range though.
  3. alright thanks for the help, but atm I specifically interested in guccissima. does anyone know if it is possible in that price range?
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  5. thanks alot I am not too picky but 109 seems like a really good deal. Is there a way to get one without going to san marcos. and I will check out this color in person in the next few days I preferred the black or brown but thought this one was not too bad
  6. Hows it going "Mojay". the Vacaville, Ca outlet has the dark green "gussima" mens wallet for $109 at the moment. These sell out fast at that price...

    The color is dark to where it may look black at times. it also may be shipped to you for a flat fee of $10 if within the US. Let me know if i can be of any assistance.
  7. thanks I called San Marcos and they said they will probably going to sell out before the weekend, but I have to wait until an additional address is added to my card because I am attending university and I want it shipped here and not to my card address so I cannot order until after the change is completed, but thank you for the info
  8. What does (G) stamp stand for near copy right (R)? Thanks
  9. it's like an outlet stamp.
  10. I got an email that San Marcos now has red and burgandy ones for $129.