Men's gloves for a woman?

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  1. Hi there.

    I ordered these gloves from a german fashion shop

    They weren't marked as men's gloves and the shop normally only has women's fashion. Handbags, shoes etc. I got them for an amazing 160€ (550$ in the US Shop). Amazing quality with calf leather and cashmere lining. They feel amazing. They also do fit quite good in 7.5, even for men's size. The only concern is that they don't fit as good around the wrist, a little loose. The hand /fingers though do fit almost perfectly.

    Would you keep them even though they are normally for men?

    The price and quality is really :smile:.
  2. If you love them and feel they will work for you then I wouldn't hesitate to keep them. But if, every time you put them on you are going to feel uncomfortable, then maybe you should pass. Do you love them? Will you wear them? Also, they may soften up as they get worn and that may make them even more comfortable....
  3. The fact they are from the men's collection wouldn't bother me one bit. Who will know but you? I recently bought a Burberry backpack from the men's section and I don't care - it was functionally superior to the women's (IMO).

    However, if it's not a good fit, then will you find yourself still searching for the "right" pair?

    If you love them, keep them! They do look scrumptious.

  4. If they fit and you love them what difference does it make if they are mens or womens
  5. The fact that they are for men would not bother me one bit. However, I would wonder if they will stretch over time, and become even looser around your wrist.
  6. I don't care about my gloves being tight around the wrist, I wear men's gloves frequently as they are often warmer and better-made. So I would keep them.
  7. Hi, thanks for your posts and opinions. I will keep them.

    I've never seen gloves with such a quality, the outside calf leather and the cashmere lining. Just amazing! The hands themself fit good, not tight and not loose. Only the around the wrists! But how can they keep getting wider when there's no pressure because it's already a little loose. And for 160€ instead of 380€ (in the US an even more 550$) I think it's one of the best purchases I've ever made!

    BV's gloves to me all look very unisex, look at the women's gloves. Not so much difference to men's gloves. Only the size/fitting maybe.

    Thank you all!