Men's Fall-Winter collection now on LV site!

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  1. check out the French LV site.... I WANT EVERYTHING! especially that suede "V" tote. :love:
  2. But Mr. Duck, you already have everything !!! :graucho:
  3. can almost open LV men department from your collection..:shame:
  4. b-b-b-b-but...... :shame:
  5. Hee ! :P

    I have to agree though, the suede tote is pretty fierce !

    suede vee.jpg
  6. Yay, it's about time...I am right behind you duckie......:smile:
  7. Yay, it's about time...I am right behind you duckie......:smile:
  8. the weird thing is that LV Sydney boutique rang just now telling me the men's Fall collection is already available. he will phone back with the price of that "V" bag. fingers crossed it won't be a killer.... :Push:
  9. DD, let us know how much? I am guessing at least $4,000!!
  10. Ohh I wonder how much??? :graucho:
  11. I'd be crazy over the bag...but the Suede would take all the fun out of it...
  12. still waiting for that call... the SA probably doesn't even have a clue what V bag i was talking about.... it would be a pleasant surprise if the bag is less than $2000. not keeping my hopes up.
  13. im not really scared of suede. besides, it's a dark colour too. :yes:
  14. There are 2 types - the luggage and the document bag. Document bag looks cheaper.....maybe $20 cheaper ;)
  15. $20 eh? that's fantastic news! :yahoo:

    i really only want the Porte-Document for my Powerbook.... must not obsess... must not obsess.... must not obsess... must not obsess.....
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