Men's Earnest Sewn Jeans?

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  1. I convinced my friend to buy a pair of Earnest Sewn jeans a couple of months ago, and he's hooked now but doesn't want to shell out $200 to buy them full price. I know all the sites that sell them for women, but do you any of you know where to find Earnest Sewn deals for men? Thanks!
  2. Hi,
    There are some on
  3. Thanks so much!
  4. try the sample sales - theres always a whole bunch - art of shop, denim blitz (same company that went their separate ways... i THINK.. lol how sad) and even that denim warehouse sale that passed by not too long ago though i don't know when is the next time they will be coming to NYC but they travel all over the country. check the site to see when they'll come to ur city i guess?