Men's Day / Messenger??

  1. I'm thinking of getting the Men's Day/Messenger. Got the courier (as a diaper bag actually!) but the strap is too short for my liking when I cross-sling. The Messenger has the perfect strap for me, but do you think it's too manly for a woman...carrying a baby??

    Also, does anyone know where there's one available now, and the price and color?

    Apparently there's a new style, the Men's Weekender, ie. Weekender with a strap! uhoo!!! Can't wait to see it!
  2. I remember a Cornflower Messenger on eBay a couple weeks ago.

    There has always been a Men's Weekender but it never had a strap, just longer handles.
  3. i dont think it's too manly. i saw a lady once with my olive green day. the day, i think, is still kinda feminine because of the slouchiness.
  4. Barneys LA has several Mens' Messengers prcied at $1095. I placed a post on here earlier with the colors and contact information.....
  5. thanks Clarke! Will check it out, hopefully they still have it in ink....and I'm convincing myself that it's gonna look way cool on me and I just gotta get it, I just gotta!
  6. IF you're in LA, Maxfield LA has a section of Men's B-bags
    such as Messenger and Men's Weekender.
  7. A (male) customer came in wearing the men's day messenger and it's so cute. I wish more places would carry the men's line b/c there isn't a lot of choices for cute messengers out there.
  8. i love the mens messenger, i just wished it came in more colors. :yes:

    it kinda sucked for fall 06 they basically just reissued newer versions of 2005 colors (vert olive = very similar to 05 olive, avio = more cornflowerish teal, bordeaux = brighter 05 bordeaux) with dry leather. although the avio and vert olive were nice, i would have much prefered an actual rouge vif messenger or blue india messenger than the wannabe colors!

    i dont even know what theyre doing for 07 but a couple months ago daphne said bal ny isnt even ordering the mens day in 07 colors cuz they still need to get rid of the 06 stock! :shrugs:
  9. Does that mean "sale"? If so, I am SO on the phone right now!!!!!
  10. OMG I wish! lol

    Unfortunately, BalNY only has sales on the clothing, never on the bags :crybaby:
  11. Darn! I just got a Weekender and now I want a Messenger bag. Will this hunger for designer goods EVER end!

    And why doesn't BalNY put their bag on sale -- I am annoyed esp. since they have said they can't move the '06 collection. ARGH
  12. Wait does BalNY means Balenciaga in general? So Balenciaga bags NEVER go on sale? Srry I am new to all this so pardon my ignorance. One of the reasons I stay away from gucci (although some designs steal my heart and I MUST get them) is because their stuff always goes on sale and I wind up regretting what I buy full price (I hate waiting for sales)so if Balenciaga is like LV in that they never have sales on their bags and leather goods IM SO IN! This might just be a new obsession! So anyways do they ever go on sale?
  13. BalNY boutique generally does not put their bags on sale. However, you CAN find Balenciaga bags on sale in other department stores and boutiques.
  14. is BalNY in reference to the actual Balenciaga boutique in manhattan?
  15. Yes :yes: