Mens Damier Azur??

  1. So I am completely in love with the Damier Azur collection, but seeing as I'm a male, I can't do much with a purse.

    I've already ordered the Azur Keepall, but are there any Mens accessories, esp. a wallet, or card holder or agenda ANYTHING?!?!?!?

    Thanks in advance : )
  2. There is the Daier Azur Naviglio and the wallet with coin pocket that just came out... ;)
  3. maybe they'll come out with more styles?
  4. They will. I'm hoping soon, but more and more new Damier Azur pieces will slowly show up on and on eLux. :biggrin:
  5. just keep your eyes open. more will come.
  6. Been years since someone brought this up, but I'm a guy and am interested in the azur pocket organizer. I want a smaller alternate to my graphite macro and it doesn't appear too feminine. Always loved the azur, the color contrast is much greater than graphite but us guys are SOL with the variety. Your thoughts, great choice or is there another azur alternate that's fairly unisex?
  7. I hope LV expand the Azur and Idylle line to men! and the Damier Graphite can expand to women products! :p
  8. I think the LV Azur Keepall is a nice piece for men for the summer. My maccasar feels a bit too dark for summer travel. My only worry is that it would get dirty very quickly!
  9. They did have the Marco wallet, I believe, in Azur.
  10. get what ever u want!!!! Damier azur is not really me but i can so see it being totally unisex