mens coach wallet on ebay

  1. Hello all I have a question. I want to buy a mens wallet on eBay. Have not picked it out yet but I am afraid because I don't want a fake. Should I just buy it from the Coach website so I know its not a fake or take my chances on eBay. We really don't have a Coach store here. Just Dillards. They don't carry mens Coach items. Also can I authenicate a wallet here. Thanks Cassie. Oh yeah-just bought a large leather bleeker duffle in camel at Dillards yesterday for 223 it was originally 448. I was so excited. It is beautiful. Said I would never buy another large duffle because they get to heavy-but I couldn't pass this up.:yahoo:
  2. Congrats on your new duffle! That was a great deal! It really stinks that Dillards doesn't have men's Coach. But men always get the short end when it comes to accessories.:crybaby:

    Personally, I would feel comfortable buying a men's wallet from eBay. I don't think that they are counterfeited like women's bags. But carefully check the sellers feedback and history. If you are still uncomfortable and don't mind paying full price, then just buy from Coach directly. Hope this helps!:smile:
  3. Thanks for the reply. I will check feedback and bid away. I hope I get a nice one. My husband loves Coach accessories as much as I do,but I do agree they get the short end. We have Coach check book holders,frames,tie holders and when his old briefcase wears out will probably get him a coach brief.
  4. I'm sorry, but unfortunately most of the mens wallets on Ebay are just as fake as the womens'.

    Either buy directly from Coach or buy from one of the Trusted sellers listed in this thread if you want to be sure of getting a genuine Coach:
  5. I've never had a problem on eBay...thankfully:tup:
  6. i found that looking through, roughly 2/3 of men's wallets on eBay are fakes.
    but you can get a really really good deal if you find a real one.
    find one you like and post the link to the "authenticate this" thread. :tup:
  7. I personally recently had a bad experience on ebay I had bought my fiance a mens coach wallet on ebay for a Christmas present, I recieved the item and I could totally tell the item was a fake the coach emblem was sewn on crooked. I was so sure it was a fake that i didnt even wrap it I showed it to my fiance rite away and he compared it to his current coach wallet and and you could really tell that it was not authentic. So I filed a dispute with paypal and I gave the seller a forewarning that I was going to do so and that he had a chance to refund my money etc and he told me that he never guraunteed it was authenitc but in his auction he stated it as a coach signature mens wallet in his ebay auction. so paypal had me send it in to coach in new york to get in authenitcated. Well not even 2 days after they got my item they put the dispute in my favor and I got my money back rite away.. I hate people like that on ebay.. by the way here is the actual auction on where it was a fake please be careful if you buy on ebay sorry my story is so long I just wanted to let you know of my personal experience with a non authentic item.
  8. That sucks that happened to you!!! I'm glad it worked out although it was a terrible experience! I guess I am a little naive. Maybe because I've been really lucky...since I joined in June of 2002 I haven't had a problem buying or selling. I hate people that try to rip others off.

    I am really happy that I've found this site! It's awesome that we can post listings in which we are interested to have them Authenticated!

    Is it Sig that is counterfeited most or is leather as well?

  9. 3/4 of the sig items on eBay are fake, from what i've seen.
    the leather items aren't faked nearly as much.
    i think it might be because they're more expensive to make? idk.
    that's why i stray away from signature on eBay.