Men's Coach Shoes - Size/fit

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  1. Do any of the boys or girls of the TPF know how the men's shoes fit? I usually wear a 13, but I've have to buy a 14 a couple times. Would the 13Ds fit me? I want the eric loafers in Tobacco and I'd have to order them since NYC is the closest place I could try them on and that is out of the question.

    I could always return them... and I want the matching belt! The Men's Jean Plaque Belt... yum :drool:
  2. I have usually found Coach to be true to size if not slightly large (not usually enough to make a big difference), at least for women's shoes, so I would imagine they would make the men's the same standard.
  3. honestly i have see coach shoe r very much simliar sneaker wise bewteen the mens and womens.. the mens are just a tad wider ... i have a 10.5 in mens and and a 9.5 in womens and the both fit me perfectly ... so i guess they range 1-2 sizes smalller or larger... i luved those burke canvas sneakers
  4. i think coach men s run big! I wear a 8.5 in mens sneakers (coach) and a 9.5 in men's nikes
  5. Thanks everyone... I just started at Coach and all the girls think I should order the Eric loafers
  6. i donno about coach ones but im a 9.5/10 mens and an 11 womens just big footed...
  7. i don't really know about the shoe size but i wanted info of the bag in your avatar. [​IMG]