mens coach flipflops? i cant decide!!

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  1. uuum... ive decided that i MUST HAVE at least one pair of coach flipflops for THIS SUMMER!!! sad problem is i dunno where to start... ive checked out the milfords there alright.. the morrisons are okay.. is there anything else? LADIES.. and gents*if any* HEEELP
  2. On the Coach website, I can't find ANY men's flip flops :sad: Are you finding these on ebay? I see that you have the milford on your wish list, changing your mind so soon? :graucho:
    Oh, btw, neither of the flip flops in your second post "grab me"...... bummer.
  3. me niether.. cant seem to find much.. the coach site has NOTHING to offer.. and ebay only has the morrison and the milfords.. uuuck! is there some other designer youd suggest? i posted in the glass slipper about this topic too! hmmm
  4. apparently there are no other flipflops for men.. designers are so sexist.. *hmph*
  5. How about these?

    Cole Haan (Caracas thong)


    They're both pretty "plain", but I like the Cole Haan's....

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  6. Ooh, those Cole Haan's are nice.
  8. Looks like they are on sale on the Cole Haan website for $89.95 right now.
  9. Those Cole Haans are nice!! You may want to check Aldo as well....the BF has bought more shoes from there than I have!!
  10. Oooh, if they're on the Cole Haan website for $89.95, that's a deal, I think Nordstroms had them for $145!! Let me confirm....
  11. Yup:yes: $145 at Nordstroms! $89.95 is a deal!