Men's Coach Collection

  1. Obviously the majority of TPF posters are female, but where are all the guys? I'd love to see pictures of the male members' collections.
  2. Hi all, I'm new here. DH has two Coach pieces, one is a briefcase that he just got recently and LOVES, and the other is his wallet, which I gave him as a gift.


  3. Welcome and thanks for sharing!

    That wallet looks nice. Do you mind if I ask how much it is? I'm thinking about getting my boyfriend a new wallet.
  4. Unfortunately, I don't remember. I bought it for him last year at the outlet. I'm thinking it was maybe $68-ish?
  5. here are the guys. i've got a collection of limited edition mens' bags from the summer. each summer a limited edition tote bag is produced in a fun canvas. i get them all. i've also got quite a collection of coach shoes as well. [​IMG]
  6. I kick myself every time I see the men's scribble tote from last summer because I was seconds away from buying it. It's so cute.
  7. More pics, please!:tup:
  8. My gosh, I would buy that (don't care if it was made for men!)