Men's carryon: Damier Keepall 55 with strap or Mono Carryall


Dec 18, 2006
Hi everyone!

I'm really new to this site and new to buying LV. It all started with the large Multicolore Agenda from two months ago (which I think is just beautiful and looks like a small-format canvas painting on my desk;) ), then continued to the Taiga Andrei for my day-to-day bag. The obsession then began and soon I was poring over the LV website, calling 866-VUITTON and reading this forum everyday to find out product information. The number of options is overwhelming, eh?

Now, I'd like to have a PRACTICAL carryon bag to travel with. I'm in love with the shape of the Carryall and that it looks more rigid and likely won't lose its form over time. However, reading this thread I'm concerned about being stuck in the rain with the vachetta handles. The Damier print is also amazing, so the other option is the Keepall 55 with a strap. (Practical, and less subtle than Monogram.)

What do you guys think? :shrugs: Thanks!


Young Broke and Fab
Dec 10, 2006
My Dear VanMan -

I had the exact same issue cause I think both are beautiful piecesof luggage. I asked around and most folks said that they thought the Damier was more masculine. Additionally, I know that for some people, having oythers questioning the authencity of their LV is an issue. With that said, the Damier doesn't seem to be the "popular" knockoff for the Keepall style.

However, there is something completely classic and timeless about the Monogram print on a piece of luggage.

I finally made my decision to buy the Damier Keepall 55 by thinking about upkeep -- basically would I go ballastic if the canvas and leather got stained and I figured that Damier's dark leather handles would hide wear-n-tear better. Besides, you should you continue to pine for a piece of luggage in Mono, you can always get a supplement piece like the Carryall or garmet bag.

In any case -- happy shopping and happy holidays


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
I prefer the monogram print just cause it's "flashier", but I'd be scared of the carry on compartments maybe having something left in them and the vachetta getting dirty. I'd get the damier just to be on the safe side !
Jul 3, 2006
I love the Damier keepall - for both sexes - very classy and no vachetta to worry about. I would be way to worried about walking down an aisle, getting ready to exit the plane, and having someone spill a soda or something on me (it happened to me once with a different carry-on bag).


Aug 26, 2006
I love the way men look with damier bags. Very classy.

I've also seen men in airports with big speedies like 35s or 40s. They don't look like handbags at all and could be a good choice if you're looking for something rigid.