MEN's BV Tote?!

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  1. Hey all BV Lovers.
    I just came back from Japan and I saw a very nice BV tote. It was made of Vinyl (I think). It would be priced like $600~$700... I wanted to know if they would have it in the States or if anyone ever saw one, or was it last season or this season?! I am planning on going to the NY store and checking it out. But just wanted more references before going. Thanks everyone for your time!!!:tup:
  2. I don't recall seeing any vinyl bags in the past 2-3 seasons. Was it patent leather maybe?... but it wouldn't be around that price range... I don't know :confused1:
  3. Me neither, I don`t think there was ever any BV tote made from anything other than natural materials...

    The only totes in this price range that comes to my mind are the ones made from Sardegna Canvas...
  4. That's strange, I really saw it in my hand at the BV boutique in Tokyo, in two locations too! Could it be from the past season. I recall them having a gray canvas tote for BV online shopping last season for approx. $570. I saw the vinyl one in Japan that has both a PM and a GM size. Maybe it's only a Japan thing, since not a lot of men in the US carries totes? It's really nice though, I thought I could use it for school. Thanks! I'll post pics if I do buy it!