Men's brooch pin FW 2008

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  1. I just have a quick question for Chanel Experts, as a guy never been into any chanel boutique, but I would like to buy a flower brooch pin on the runway show fw 08/09 worn by male models.

    do they carry them in the US? anyone knows how much>
  2. Do you have a picture?
  3. The camellias from shows usually range from $500 to $800 or even over 1k.
    The price depends on how intricate the flower is.

    I'm guessing this one should be around $500-$600?
    This is S/S 2009 Act II, so it won't arrive at boutiques until like March/ April.
    You would have to call and ask your boutique whether or not they will carry this.
    Chanel camellias are all handmade by Le Mariee in Paris.

    Normally camellias don't sell well, because not a lot of people buy them, and they're getting more and more expensive (The black satin silk camellia with zipper trim from Paris-Londres was like $1400).

    Though, if you're not specifically looking for the exact same one on this male model, you could always go to your boutique and look at what they have.
    The classic black or white camellias in satin silk is around $200.
    The "Meduse" camellia in chiffon with ostrich feather trim is $800.
    They actually made a mini version of "Meduse" for S/S 2009 Act I. I got it in black, I will post a picture later.
    But yea, definitely checkout your boutique and look at their selection of camellias.
  4. [​IMG]

    09P Act I A52619X15491 94305

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  5. Excellent post!:woohoo: Thank you for the information.:flowers:
  6. thank you very much for you info peace911_1! very helpful
  7. ^^Awesome to see another dude into Chanel!! Welcome dude!
  8. Great post, peace 911-1!!! Keep the factoids coming.
  9. Thanks for sharing the info, Justin! :flowers:
  10. peace911_1- thanks for this post. I love camelia pins and finally I do know how does it work :smile:
  11. To the OP there are a lot of camelia brooches currently available on
  12. thank you for all your help. Chanel residents are very nice people!:tup::tup:
  13. Hermesindonesia, some details for the camellias you were talking about (Act 2, SS 2009).

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