Men's briefcase

  1. Hey ladies (and guys),

    Just wondering what you would suggest. I am looking for a briefcase or messenger bag that would be able to fit an Apple laptop, as well as books or papers, etc.

    I like the classic soft briefcase, but was looking for alternatives. Can anyone give me some ideas with some pictures? I'm an Hermes newbie, only have a wallet right now, so I don't know model names! Can anyone here educate me with briefcases??

  2. There is a great new messenger bag called the Steve. They have them at the Wall Street store. I think they have one in black and one in orange at the moment.

    For a more traditional briefcase look at the Sac a Depeche and the Kelly Depeche. They are both classic men's briefcases.
  3. Love the sac a depeche. I am leaning towards black togo leather, although dark brown is a close second. Opinions??? I need all the help I can get!!
  4. Depends on your wardrobe. I love brown. More versatile and shows off the quality of the leather. However, if you are mostly a black shoe guy, then you can't go wrong with black. You will probably end up with a collection!
  5. Hi,

    If all options failed, you still have the Birkin 40cm or 50cm to fall back on. I believe that they would be a good size for the placement of your notebook and the peripherals.
  6. Does anyone know the list price of a black togo sac a depeche? I'm stopping by my store at the weekend but just want to know what i'm looking at!
  7. I thought the sac a depeche is usually in a more structured leather like epsom. I usually see a few in both Madison Avenue and Wall Street. IMO, the staff at Wall Street are the greatest.
  8. Here is the black croc one President JFK had - it is now is in a museum in Berlin (pic from the catalogue). I was overwhelmed when I stood in front of it - so stylish!
  9. I love the Sac a Depeche. It does come in clemence (not sure about togo), and has a wonderful hand to it. The heft is not overwhelming! A simply amazing briefcase for a handheld, as opposed to a messenger stle(-ish) with strap, like the Steve bag.
  10. I have also seen it in Vache Liegee-----FABULOUS!