Men's Birthday Bag Advice

  1. Just got back from a business trip in HK/ China and am about to celebrate my 25th bday. Thought id treat myself to a little sumpin' sumpin' and thought Id ask some advice!

    Im trying to decide between the Yellow Tobago Carryall and the Broadway--price isnt a consideration.

    One thing though is that i already have the Tobago Carryall in Black. Should that matter? The yellows pretty amazing...and how often does LV release a men's bag in yellow leather?

    Thoughts on which one you would suggest?
  2. well if you allready have a black carryall you don't need another one I also have the a Black Tobago Shoe bag so I'd say go for the Broadway instead...I was gonna get a Tobago keepal in black but I thought since I allready had a Tobago pice I should move on with other varietys...
  3. ya go for it !!! the yellow tobago carryall since it's discontined soon...
  4. Go for the yellow Tobago Carryall! The color and leather are TDF.

    OT: Lookin' HOT in your display pic!!! :graucho:
  5. If you like bright colours I would wait (if you have the patience) for the next SS collection to release.
  6. Of course, if price is not an object of consideration, then buy what you want now and then buy more upon the release of SS 08. :yes:
  7. if you really love it and have use for another one, then go for the yellow Tobago Carryall while it's still around :yes:
  8. Yellow carryall is absolutely gorgeous go for it while you still can

    *token girl on the thread*
  9. I would get the yellow Tobago!
  10. I say Broadway. I like variety so a different style is good.
  11. thanks for the input guys! im heading over to bal harbour after work today to take a final look at a few things--but ill probably ending up getting the yellow tobago.

    On a random note does anyone know if you can SO luggage tags in exotic leathers?
  12. Can't wait to see pics when you get it!

    As for being able to SO luggage tags in exotic leathers, it's not possible. Small leather goods can't be SO'd. Also, I remember an SA telling me that there is metal put into or behind the exotic leather, so it wouldn't be possible? :tdown:
  13. thats too bad..i remember there being a magenta croc luggage tag on eBay awhile back that i thought about bidding on--how crazy would that have looked on the yellow carryall?!
  14. Yay yellow tobago- it's absolutely stunning!