Men's Besace/Women's Besace/Flat Hobo

  1. What's the difference between these three styles? Having searched the threads, I'm getting the impression that the Women's Besace and the GH Flat Hobo are the same that correct? If so, does the top zip closed?
  2. ^^ the men's besace messenger has a flap that folds over the body of the bag & comes in RH only...the women's besace messenger has an open top & comes in GH only...the flat hobo has a zip top & comes in RH only (all have adjustable shoulder straps)...i've had the women's besace & the flat hobo & sadly neither of them worked for me...they only looked good when they were empty & stuck out funny against my side when i put stuff in them...i think it would have helped if i wasn't so short though (i'm only 5'2")...out of all 3 styles, i love the look of the besace messenger w/GH the best :tup:
  3. Thanks for the quick response! So the women's besace is just open at the magnet, nothing?
  4. ^^ yeppers, that's correct!!! :okay:
  5. Bummer; I don't know if that's going to work for me. Guess I'll just have to try it and see.
  6. Is there a pic anywhere of the Women's GH Besace? I've searched the forum but haven't been able to find one.
  7. ^^ here's the pretty one that i sold :tender:

    DSCF4216 REV2.jpg
  8. Ooh, that's pretty! That's the SGH, yes?
  9. ^^ yep, she's black w/SGH & it killed me to sell her much so, that i almost bought another one recently...but i think you need to be taller to pull this style off...either that, or don't carry anything much in it so it doesn't poof out...but i loved the hands-free aspect of it & the leather was TDF!!! :love:
  10. Thanks! I'm a short stack as well, but I have the flat messenger and love it, so I'm hoping I can make this one work. I ordered yesterday in Café with GGH.
  11. pseub: how are you liking your besace? i am also thinking of getting one. whats the difference between the flat and the besace, just the zipper close? is it the same size? thanks for any info!!
  12. conniec - I actually didn't care for the besace (the GGH was just too much), so returned it and actually ended up getting a black flat messenger from another lovely tPF'er.
  13. pseub: did the hardware make it much heavier? the one i am looking at has SGH...
  14. A little heavier, maybe. But it wasn't a heavy bag overall.
  15. I love the flat messenger. I understand that if you carry a lot of stuff in your bags, it will look funny with it being poofy looking. What works for me is taking off the shoulder pad, putting a hole 1.5 inches at one end and the other end of the strap. Then the bag can be worn at the shortest and closer to your body and if you want to wear it cross ways, at its longest strap length. If it is worn as long as it goes, it doesn't look bad being more full either. It is to sit lower than your hip so that it doesn't sit out away from your hip, but rather just below the hip. I have carried my flat messengers often and always when traveling, cross ways. It is so convenient and comfortable. I also love how I can stuff it in my carry on bag easy and safely if I need to. Here is the link to picks of my sky blue messenger with the strap done this way. The bag int he picture has my wallet, makeup case, phone, glasses, etc. in it and it doesn't look too poofy. I later put a hole at the end of the other side so that the strap goes longer still. I hope this helps. This is the page from the post (Pictures only)