Men's Balenciaga bags?

  1. I already own a couple of Balenciaga bags; but are there Balenciaga bags for men? I've been to the boutiques all over the world a couple of times. But, I never saw a men's Balenciaga bag. My brother has Balenciaga sandals though. Anyway, I read that there are 2 Balenciaga bags for men. The name of the bags are "The Men's Voyage" and "The Men's Day." It seems that "The Men's Voyage" is like a travel bag and is like the Weekender. Does anyone have any pics? Thanks in advance!
  2. Im really not 100% positive about this, but Joseph at Bal NY could really help: the # is 212 206-0872.
  3. The Men's Voyage is like the Weekender, except with longer handles and no mirror. The Men's Day is like the Day/Hobo except with long strap -- messenger style.
  4. hmmm i wonder if my guy would want one.. heehee
  5. Here's the only one I've seen: the Drom duffle for $1,780.
    Balenciaga men.jpg
  6. OMG! Thanks guys! Does anyone have the pics of the Voyage and the Day? Thanks in advance!
  7. i've got three Men's Day bags and a fourth one (teal) is on it's way too.

    maybe i should branch out to other styles now... maybe a grey men's Weekender. how sturdy is the bag? would it be able to carry the weight of my powerbook and a few thick textbooks? did they make the handles longer so it can be carried on the shoulder? anybody got photos? pardon the barrage of question. but thanks =)
  8. 0o00o nice collection!
  9. The handles are longer for men's weekender (16.5") & no mirror is included. Here's a pic from Aloha Rag for reference:
  10. Hi!!

    The handle for men is 16.5" and how about the weekender? How long is the handle?? Do you think its ok for a guy to use weekender cos they dont have the colour i want in the guy bag

    Thank you
  11. There is also the men's besace messenger - do a search and you can find info on it here. I just returned a black one to Bluefly, so it should becoming up on their site soon. I couldn't deal with the flap - I forgot that I don't like bags with flaps! It seemed really cool and functional, though. :yes:
  12. help me out ladies....on Style section, front page of NYT Thursday 1/31/08 there is a saddle colored balenciaga weekend bag ...where do i buy it? i don't live in nyc but travel there quite a bit...thanks! ;)
  13. What bags do you guys recommend? I want something Balenciaga looking but still manly and I have to get something in black. Please help!!!