Men's Bags


Which manbag?

  1. Sac PLat

  2. Sac Bosphore

  3. Couguar

  4. Carryall

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Out of all of these bags which would you most recommend for me? 6' 4", 17 yrs old... for use EVERYDAY

    Sac Bosphore
    Sac Plat
  2. Cougar vote here... I have a strong liking for Damier Geant at the moment.
  3. I like the bosphore myself.....I hear this fall there are going to be some GREAT mono bags for men!!!
  4. I love the carryall.
  5. Cougar, I hate how small the carryall is, the Bosphore is the runner up for me :smile:
  6. Another Cougar!!! Love it!
  7. its either the Couguar or the Carryall. depends on how much stuff you carry everyday.
  8. I do like the cougar...but I think the bosphore is hot as well. I like that it can used like a satchel or a shoulderbag with a strap.
  9. couguar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. couguar!
  11. Cougar!