mens bags?

  1. I went to atlanta for my birthday last weekend and went in an Hermes for the first time ever. I really liked it i came out with this belt.
    i absolutely love it its black/brown, id really like to get a fun color next time like blue or orange though ^_^.
    but anyways when I was in there I didnt see any mens bags, does Hermes have many mens bags? like messengers or anything?
    and if so what is the pricerange of them?
  2. love that belt! i've the gold buckle version.

    H do have men's bags, i think they cost anywhere from 2K up...not sure of the specifics i'm afraid.
  3. oic
    thats a bit much for me now since im only 16 haha=]
    mayby when i get into college! ^_^
    for now ill stick with accesories.
  4. Hizzle, that's a great looking belt!

    I'd love to have one this style and am thinking about getting it in Blue Jean:yes:
  5. love the belt...was just thinking about how much i need one!

    i've seen a couple of different kinds of men's bags...some canvas w/leather trim messenger mags that were only in the $1000 to $1500 range, then just recently i saw some guy-totes, which were like a thick canvas with leather trim...but i didnt get prices. I know all the real leather guy-bags are pretty expensive. someone on this forum (a while back, and i cant remember who) got an hermes briefcase (sorta) in black ltr...that was like $4000, he was from switzerland i think.

    sorry i couldnt be of more help...but im also in search of a good H mens bag.
  6. oo Isus i tried on the Blue Jean color and it was a hard decision between that and brown.. im still trying to think if i made the right decision.
    but you cant go wrong either way.

    and srq2009, you do need an Hermes belt. =]. they r so soft and wonderful. Ill keep a lookout for mens hermes bags... I dont get to go to an Hermes too often because I have to drive four hours to atlanta to go to one. they are about to.. or mayby already have opened one in Charlotte, and thats only two hours away. So that should be nice =].
  7. This is a nice thread... I'd really like to treat Vlad to a Hermes messenger sometime, so this info is great!
  8. =] if you get it give me details!! ^_^.
  9. Buenaventura, Victoria messenger bag, these are both fabric/leather combos, but will run around $2000 IIRC.
  10. do you have pics?
  11. yeah there is a store near me about 2 hours away, but its an independently-owned store, so the nearest good store is in palm beach, which is ~3.5, or bal harbour, which is ~5...i'll just do a charge send...much too lazy to go to miami ;)
  12. ugh my mom went to Bal Harbor
    without me!!
    =/ lol.
    and she didnt even bring me anything back!!
    we.. not true she brought me some stuff from yurman. but i could get that at my own mall!
    she made up for it on my birtthday though=]