Men's bags?

  1. Hey y'all. Was just wondering if anyone owns the large cross-body bag for guys... saw it over the weekend and am interested in getting it... help, anyone??:confused1:
  2. Hi there! I own a 07 Cafe Besace Messenger, which is pretty large for me since I'm only 5'4". I LOVE IT! It's huge, could definitely fit a laptop in there, and some papers as well. I femme'd it up a bit by attaching a pod to the front zipper as a charm...

    Good luck on your search, and let us know which one you decide on...

  3. Love the Cafe Messenger!!!!
  4. ^Wow, that's really gorgeous!! Hmm, are you able to post more pictures please?? and Help me find a men's bag!!! I don't really want a weekender as I find that it slouches too much for me since I carry quite a bit of stuff..
  5. ^That's the one!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ^Thanks... I don't buy anything online as I love waltzing into a store and buying it. Thanks all of you!!! =) I'm gonna get it either during easter or after easter!!
  7. Now, I need some reviews on the bag.. Too bulky? Too big? Will it slouch if I put too much in it? (I tried the weekender, but it was far too slouchy.)
  8. The extra courier is $1250, and $590 in London's Harrods. Do you a picture of the Men's Day? If so, could you please post pictures??
  9. monsoon88 your pod looks great on the messenger!!
    They look so happy together :balloon:
  10. It looks great! :smile:

  11. Thanks, cat and earth! You all sure know how to make a gal feel good...:heart: The Besace is pretty macho, so the pod, or some kind of charm really femmes it up. :smile:

    [vogue], here's a pic of the Men's Day --


    Here are the specs:
    The Men’s Day​
    Item Number: ​

    $990 USD
    (h) 14.5in x (w) 14.5in x 5.11(d) in / Strap Length 36.5-51in​
  12. ^Thanks monsoon88 for helping!! I really appreciate it. What's the size difference between this and the extra courier??