Men's Bags? Non-Messenger...

  1. I want a new bag because the Bosphore Backpack I was planning to buy is sold out in the boutique near my home. I will order it from E-lux soon but I want to explore other options first.

    Are there any other men's bags form LV? That's NOT messenger and NOT backpack?
  2. totes are another option. check out the Taiga Kasbek, Utah Mohican, D.Geant Couguar and the Tobago shoe bag. otherwise, you might want a briefcase.
  3. a random question about the tobago shoe bag... is the compartment for shoes removable?
  4. Yes--great bag for shopping as you can fill it up;)
    Picture 106.jpg
  5. and why no one told me about this earlier?????? sh** now i want to get a tobago shoe bag... ARGHHH!!
  6. You never asked:p I know that they still have the black tobago shoebag around here.
  7. What about a keepall 45? Gosh, I'm so fixated on getting a keepall45.. I like that it isn't too huge for everyday use...
  8. i highly recommend it! :yes:
  9. I think a keepall 45, carryall, porte-document pegase or soft briefcase would be nice bags to have.
  10. but i need a new bag for school. as in, "high school". i dont think a suitcase would be appropriate.
  11. I would LoVe to have tobago shoe bag:drool: Try soana sac plat from this season or Cabas (Whistler,Innssbruck,Vail) from past wnter. You can still find some of them in stores.
  12. I like the Taiga Kasbek out of the bag suggested. :yes:
  13. ya, the tobago shoe bag is quite good. its not the typical tote you'd find. i would also suggest the soft briefcase either the monogram or the epi in camel? when i saw the latter on its website, i immediately wanted to have one! haha...
  14. I love your Tobago...
  15. One problem I must say about the Taiga Kasbek is that the PM size is too small and looks like a girls bag, and the GM is too big. I was going to buy it, but decided not to. They should make a MM size.