Men's bag for a woman

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  1. Thanks to Dorf, I am loving this bag. I need something that has black in it for work, but don't really want a tote. Most women's bags are either not the size or the shape I'm looking for.

    I'm strongly considering this but I'm a little unsure if it will look 'off' on a woman. I tried it on in person last night but it was a little hard to nail the look since I wasn't in work clothes.

  2. I think it would look great on a woman. Really reminds me of a more useful, work-friendly version of the Retiro.
  3. The bags on the 'Men's' line are actually pretty unisex and I honestly wouldn't think twice about seeing a woman wearing one, regardless if I knew the brand or not. No, it's not overly feminine like the NF but it still looks sharp as a professional tote.
  4. It does... I also tried the Estrela but it looked more like luggage than a work bag.
  5. I think the bag is gorgeous and looks unisex.
  6. I keep looking at the monogram Seven Days a Week bag for my laptop.
  7. I personally don't care much for this bag overall, but I think it would look fine on a woman... I mean it's just a work bag! There wouldn't be any potential "fashion crime" ! 😃

    As discussed on other threads, the exterior zipped pocket would be very convenient. The SHW is very long lasting: all of mine look new. Be aware that the Macassar leather does mark (look at a Palk backpack at the store, usually the leather flap on display is a huge mess). But I have many Macassar bags and they all look great if you don't mind the marks on the black leather.
  8. The bag looks unisex, so it would look just fine if you wear it.
  9. Thanks - those are both helpful pieces of feedback. The SHW is so pretty! It's striking with the colors IMO. If I decide to get it, I'll also take care to mind the leather flaps.
  10. Let us know when you decide!! Good luck! ❤️
  11. This bag looks more unisex than the PDV pm. It has soft rounded corners, so it's not too masculine. It's from the men's line, but can a woman wear it? Hell, YES!
  12. Will you be disappointed if I buy a Petite Malle? Is that too feminine for me? 😄 You know I love it!!
  13. Is that the small "box"? In my opinion people can carry exactly what they want, but I think you know my personal opinion about that one.. It's not just the look of it, but it must be totally useless. I mean... what can it hold? A wallet and a pack of chewing gum? ;)
  14. This bag is gorgeous and unisex, and the size won't be overwhelmingly large.
  15. I think it looks great. Would be nice to see it one you but hey, if it floats your boat, get it! I have a "unisex" bag and my other half wears it when I can't be arsed to carry it, so I'd just go with your gut.