Men's AW0708 Bracelet?

  1. Hey, ya'll . . .

    Has anyone seen the bracelet featured in one of the new men's ads? It's a two-pager in the new Vogues Hommes International. The ad is a party theme, and one of the three pictures features a guy in a red corduroy vest holding a drink. He has a very cool bracelet with little charm type things stuck all over it. I was wondering if anyone knew price / availability. I'm going to call the hotline on monday, but I just am so curious!

    Thanks guys and gals!
  2. Is it in the Reference section in the eye candy thread on pg. 78?
  3. No, I haven't seen this bracelet on any sites. It's like a strip with pieces sort of like the main fleur on that bracelet, but all over.
  4. I saw this in the boutique the other day I didnt catch the name of it ..but it came in black and brown and it had charms attached to the leather of the bracelet. The brown one had all silver ones and the black had several in different colors.
  5. i love this braclet, i have the page from the magazine, i dont know the name though! :sad:
  6. can anyone scan the pic I'm interested to see it
  7. i don't have any other info about this bracelet but here's a pic:

  8. i haven't hear anything about this either. i will check when i stop in my boutique.
  9. Very cool, interesting piece !!!!!!!
  10. I think the other color looks much better, brown I believe.
  11. I like it!:yes:
  12. Oh my- there quite a lot going on there.
  13. ^^ im with you VO. looks like the charms will catch when you want to get something out of your pocket. but i haven't seen this in person, so i can't just dismiss it yet.
  14. I love it. Is it supposed to be in store now?
  15. Just got off the phone with LV . . .

    So apparently it's called the "medals bracelet," and, as someone else mentioned, it comes in black/multi and brown/silver. It's only $225, but unfortunately I won't be getting it because I don't wear black and I don't wear silver, so neither of the bracelets would work for me. Wah wah. :sad: