Men's accessories...

  1. I'm already thinking about Christmas gifts and I would like to get something LV for my boyfriend this year...I'm hoping to spend around $200 or less, and I was looking at the ties. About how much are the men's ties? Anyone know? I'm looking at the Damier tie in particular...very nice.

    Any other suggestions? I don't think any monogram items would be appropriate for him...

    Any help would be appreciated! :flowers:
  2. i believe most LV ties are just within your $200 budget... here, they're about $290 Australian which is just about right. and i think they make excellent gifts (i wouldn't mind another one myself hint-hint :graucho: ). their cufflinks are pretty good too.
  3. They have some on elux. They run around $180!
  4. Oh Shoot! Sorry I wasn't thinking- But at least you can look at them and see what ya like!?!
  5. I really like the mix monogram (combo of stripes and bottom part is subtle monogram), the one on the official LV site has a light blue which I love...but I think it's too much for my bf. eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Mix Monogram Tie

    I also like the diagonal striped one with the "LV" on top

    I also like the pink,brown and dark pink diagonal striped one but he will NEVER take pink.

    My fav is the mix monogram, I also want it to be obvious that it's LV...!

    I tried linking, but it said that the last two are out of stock :s
  6. For some reason the links were not working but I also adore the mix mono tie. It has the best of all the worlds! LOL

    I would definately say that tie would be my choice. Hey I may get one for hubby now! Thanks for the suggestion! I always go for black. I just love black in anything!?! JMO
  7. There, I went to the official LV site and did screen captures instead, I don't know why the links to elux aren't working. :confused1: Clearly they are not out of stock since the page is still accessible.

    Anyways, from left to right: Mix monogram, Metropolitan and Damier! I love the mix pretty...but what colour shirt to match though?? And the metropolitan...I just wish he would wear pink, and the Damier may be a little too mature for his age (he's 21.) and hard to match.
  8. the light blue is to die for, when we make out trip to pick up our groom stuff I'll definitely point out the mix n match light blue for big bro. It's great.