mens accessories? help

  1. this might be a long shot but does anyone know if LV do mens handerchiefs? like the ones thomas pink do. its my grandpas birthday soon and i think he would like something like that. or should i just stick with my first instinct which was a bill clip?
  2. yeah, get the bill clip...
  3. I'm unfamiliar with men's stuff, but at the moment I really don't think they have any handkerchiefs... BUT they do make them (see the following link post #46 Deluxeduck's pocket squares:yes:)

    If you ask me... I don't know what a guy uses a handkerchief for............:confused1: sorry Ducky!!!!:sweatdrop: So I prefer the billclip.... actually how about a TIE????:graucho:
  4. thnk you cecelia. v helpful.
  5. A bill clip would be AWESOME... especially the all-vachetta one... :drool:

    Good luck with your search! ;)
  6. No handkerchief unless it's part of a RTW line. Men used to use them to blow their noses on...and then put them back in their Nowadays, it's just for an accent in a suit jacket pretty much. I'm going to get an LV scarf to use as a face-wipe on hot days. (Cringe, cringe :roflmfao:, but my face is priceless. ;))
  7. Oh Gracious! This thread is from 2007, ever so silly!
  8. I just noticed, lol. Funny when old threads get dug up.