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  1. Hi guys...
    i decided to get off my lazy bumm and take some pictures of my darling bags..this is only some of my bags..the ones that are missing in action is my chloe paddington, juicy couture pink metallic bag,LV sling bag,burbbery handbag,some jamin peuch bags..and..i cannot remember what else...haha :biggrin:..I don't think i need to detail the guys are expertise!!!you know what you're looking at...:idea:..but if you do have any questions..pleasee..feel free to comment and ask me...=)
    thanks for lookingg..i know it's not that muchh..still trying to keep it growingg...and furthermore,most of the bags that i don't use anymore i pass them on for my cousins to enjoyyy...Top on my list is:MJ stam bag,hermes shoulder birkin bag(should i get the blue or black???),chanel,chloe hobo and more balenciagaas too...hihii..:Push: i can't help ittt..i have a purse fetishhhhh.!!!yikes...

    ps:i'm sooooooooooo loving this forum..!!!!!

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  2. Er, you lost me at "not much!" Love your diverse collection. I had that Luella bag (got it for $223!), but sadly had to return it because I would've only used it as plane carry- on since it was so massive.
  3. Love the yellow balenciaga its soo fun especially for the spring and summer.
  4. Thanks for replies guyss...Luella for $223????? did you land on such a deal??i got mine for $800ish...thinking of selling it..^^...the yellow is a fun color for summer...
  5. love your luella- so cute!
  6. So funny you asked! I did a Yahoo! search for Luella baby Gisele, and a Neiman Marcus page came up with the bag and the awesome sale price. It was no baby Gisele, because I have a baby Gisele and the version from NM was alot bigger. Such a shame really, because the bag was sooo cute! :cry:
  7. Great collection!!! I love your yellow Balenciaga!!!!!
  8. Aww.. I love the Luella, it's a stunning bag !
  9. Ohh, I like the Luella too. Great collection!
  10. :love: your collection, esp. Luella!!!
  11. i love the variety of colors. Very nice!
  12. Cute collection! Nice ink b-bag.
  13. Great color on that Luella :biggrin:
  14. Beautiful collection- love the Luella and b-bag!!
    Thanks for sharing!
  15. I love your bags. I was admiring the white bag in the very back. Who makes it?