Mending a Broken Heart

  1. Say hello to our new little girl. Her name is Gracie. I saw her "mug shot" on the Animal Control adoption page and promptly melted. She's six months old and just adopted from the jaws of hell (aka: Animal Control) on Tuesday. There was only one Sam and always will be, but we are falling fast and hard in love with this little girl. If you're thinking she looks like Sam, we'll sort of, but I suffer what I laughingly call "Lassie Syndrome" so I gravitate towards dogs with sweet faces, fluffy fur and curly tails. It was so funny, our vet called her "Mini-Me". :roflmfao:

    And we know Sam approves completely. He's her big brother guardian angel and is watching over her from the Rainbows Bridge.:heart:

  2. :cry: OMG She looks like Sam. God bless you and Congrats! :nuts:
  3. awww! She's adorable!! Congrats on your new baby.
  4. Oh she is beautiful, i could just jump thorough the computer and cuddle her. She has one of those faces that is just so lovable. She is a very lucky girl.
  5. I am sorry you lost your beloved Sam. Saying goodbye to a pet is the worst thing ever. But saying welcome, we love you, to another one that needs a home is wonderful! Best wishes to you and Gracie. I know she's happy to be in her forever home.
  6. soooooooooooooooooooo cute!! congrats :smile:
  7. Awww so so cute. Gorgeous!:heart:

    Hope she heals your pain.:tender:
  8. I wish you a long, happy life together and I can't thank you enough for rescuing from "the pound." I can't believe that someone would actually let their animal end up in a place like that, how cruel.
  9. Oh, she is a beauty! How could you not fall for that adorable and expressive face. It's so nice to hear that you brought Gracie home from a shelter as they so desperately want to have a nice warm home with lots of love. Sam would approve...I'm sure that you will enjoy your new little girl.
  10. She's beautiful! Her face is so precious. Congratulations!!!
  11. Just looking at her makes me think that your darling Sam is not very far away at all. She's lovely. Congratulations.
  12. Sorry you lost your pet hope that new adorable & gorgeous dog will give you many happy years of friendship, love & pleasure. She is truly adorable. Shame on the people who couldn't love her. What's not to love?
  13. Congrats on your new addition! She is precious. Sorry about your loss of Sam. It's a wonderful thing to rescue an animal.
  14. Oh Gracie is adorable!!!
  15. Gracie is so beautiful, she will be a blessing to you....we just lost our Sassy, Australian cattle dog, after almost 17 years last week, it was time for her to go....we have a black lab, Anna, almost 3 who is great consolation, but in time I am sure too we will get another dog.
    Enjoy your new baby!