Menapause question

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  1. I unexpectedly had to come off the pill after 25yrs in June due to surgery. I had one period immediately in hospital then nothing. My doctor gave me some pills (name? sorry) to jump start my period, nothing. I have been having some symptoms, very painfull intercourse, lack of desire and am afraid of getting more. I had a dr appt last week and we talked about me doing short term hormone replacement and I could of sworn he said I would be taking pills, but he sent me home with a cream, Premarin. Is this hormone replacement? Have any of you used this? If not have you used anything else that has worked? Thanks for any help(if you've read any of my other posts you'll know this is one more thing I really don't need)
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    I went off the pill this spring after 26 years on it and my body regulated itself really quickly but for some women it takes their bodies time to regulate. I not a doctor but I think your doctor was premature in putting you on meds without giving your body the opportunity of a few months to regulate itself before intervening. How soon after you had the surgery did he give you the pills to "jump start" things?

    For 25 years your body has essentially thought it was pregnant. It stands to reason it could take a bit of time to get back on track.

    I would not be jumping into HRT so soon if it were me.

    ETA - for all these years you have not been having true periods you have been having withdrawal bleeds. It is possible your periods would not have been regular if you had not been on the pill.
  3. It's been 4 months and things seem to be getting worse not better. How long can you say "not tonight honey"?. I understand what your saying, but with so many other things going on in my life I feel like I have to try and take control of the things I can so i'm not quite so uncomfortable. My dr and I decided to try a low dose for a short period of time to see how I do. I didn't, and still don't, know that I would be using a cream and not pills. That's why I was asking about other people's experiences. I would have not stopped the pill when I did had it been my choice. I would have done alot of research first.
  4. This is the kind of thing that needs to be addressed with your doctor. As far as the actual cream, i am surprised you didnt speak or voice your concerns to your pharmacist when you were picking up your prescription since this is their area expertise and they would answer your qs much better than I could based on my limited knowledge. So far, again based on my limited knowledge as a student, looks like what happened:

    Dr. Prescribed you a med used during menopoause. So he must obviously think you are in the midst of it or at least suffering the symptoms. However, it looks like it is a cream that only one of the symptoms of the menopause, specifically vaginal dryness, not the whole array of symptoms you are experiencing. As you probably know estrogen hormone is what is responsible in our body for keeping vaginal epithelium the way it is - elastic, moist, so during menopause when estrogens levels fall, a lot of people might experience vaginal dryness, itchiness and pain during sex because the vaginal epithelium is no longer acted on by estrogen.
    If you are experiencing other symptoms of what you think is menopause - hot flashes, lack of desire, then you need to go to your doctor and talk to him about putting you on hrt, hormone replacement therapy, so your overall systemic symptoms are treated, no just one or two locally. Does this make sense ? Also, if you ever have questions about presction meeds, ask tour pharmacist, they are not just there to dispense meds or move them from one shelf to another, they are trained medical professionals that have far greater knowledge of meds than doctors do and can even suggest what you should talk to your doctor about based on your concerns.
  5. I love(well,like)my pharmacist we are on first name basis and she knows all meds I take. Unfortunately my dr gave me a sample. I had blood levels drawn and am in the early phase of menopause, but past perimenopause. I got the feeling my dr was very negative on HRT, which kind of surprised me because he tends to be very old school. So now I guess I should call and say I thought he was giving me a Rx for treating more symptoms that, yes I am having. Thank you for answering my question about the cream. I guess he picked the problem I complained the most about and treated it.