Mena Suvari's New 'Do

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  1. Good, bad or ugly?

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  2. It doesn't even look like her. I don't like it.
  3. I think it is just a bad picture. I think that it had potential.
  4. Weather it's a bad picture or not.... That looks HORRIBLE on her!!
  5. I feel that maybe Mena Suvari is getting a little too caught up in being trendy/different. Her last haircut was pretty horrendous as well (those bangs). Perhaps that's a bad picture, but it seems much like Selma Blair's current hairstyle. She needs to hire a new stylist (and hairdresser) STAT.
  6. She looked SOOO Pretty in American Beauty. Thats a look she should go back to. This looks icky!
  7. She is no longer an "American Beauty".
  8. me no likey!
  9. hmmm, not a very flattering pic. At first I thought it was Pink!! Seriously!
    Mena is gorgeous, but I don't think that's a great style on her.
  10. i need better pics
  11. Ugly.
  12. Fab hair, she rocks it!
  13. ITA...:tup:it's edgy and uncommon!
  14. Yuk.
  15. Not a good look for her.