Mena Suvari's New Britney Inspired 'do

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    I hope it's for a role.
  3. I hope it's for a role too.
  4. omg!I hope too!
  5. Oh lord..
  6. WTF? It must be for a role, but I what role? I mean Demi had GI Jane and Natalie Portman had V for Vendetta, but how many bald roles could there be?
  7. if it's for a role why is she trying to hide it with her hoodie? just strange. she is such a beautiful woman IRL (saw her at the BH Hermes a couple of years ago when she was a brunette). At least hair grows back.
  8. I'm hoping with everyone else above that it's for a role.. please don't let "hair shaving" become a trend.. pleasseeee..
  9. Wow! At least she has a nice shaped head & somewhat pulls it off...
  10. I dont like her. I dont like her style.
  11. I dont think it looks too bad.
  12. She has a very high forehead.I'm sure she looks pretty odd without those sunglasses.

    Man,I hope it's for a movie and not another one in extreme mental pain...
  13. Eeek!
  14. I hope it's NOT for a role because she can't act worth crap. LOL
  15. Oh man that's awful :wtf: