mena suvari's chest tattoo???

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  1. Looks like a '13' or a 'B'
  2. I think it's 13
  3. It's supposed to be 13 to match her boyfriends tattoo.
  4. ^^^
  5. OT, but from these pics, Mena has a nice bootay! lol
  6. Why would you put it in the middle of your chest? At least put it on your shoulder blade or something. And I wonder when they're going to break up...
  7. I love the tattoo, but not the location.
  8. Wow, I can't believe she put a tattoo in the middle of her chest! Seems a little edgy for Mena Suvari.
  9. what does the 13 stand for? Is he # 13 in a team? :shrugs: Sorry if it is obvious. lol
  10. He is actually her fiance they haven't set a date for the wedding yet.

  11. I think she is pretty "edgy." I feel like she was married to some guy 20 years her senior and at one point in time she had a shaved head. Correct me if I'm wrong. ;)
  12. I like the tattoo and the spot. I'm guessing she just doesn't want it to be that visible like if she were to wear a dress or something.

    I have a few tattoos and I'm pretty sure that is a painful spot to get it done!
  13. my cousin has one in a similar spot, but off center. i think its pretty hot
  14. I like the tattoo and the location. Tattoos are very personal and aren't meant for other people. It's her body and her tattoo, so who cares whether we like it or not?!