Men with Handbags!

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I had to share these....see, even men can be overtaken with the love for da bag! :love:

    Ooops, please excuse the middle photo of the Chloe bag!
  2. I love how the man in the first picture is rocking a prada bag.. and loads of jewelry.
  3. Check out the last photo with the guy rockin' the bbag.....they match his shoes perfectly! lol
  4. I like the Gucci
  5. I like the girls white bag....super cute!!
  6. Ooooh-la-la!
  7. hmm!!! besides the first pic, most of the guys bags are.."less" purse-ish...
  8. Terence Howard carried a clutch on the red carpet recently. I can't remember the line...but I read they had made a man's version and a woman's version of the same clutch.
  9. I was just about to write that! I love his outfit, and I *love* that his shoes match the bag. That guy's really got style. He looks great!
  10. Dont forget about Vogue's Andre Leon Talley and Bryanboy!!
  11. !! do you have a picture or link??

  12. OO how fancy.
  13. Not a fan of men with bags .... IMO there is nothing manly about it .... big turnoff for me.
  14. umm, of course there is nothing "manly" about men carring handbags! I don't think any guy who carries a handbag is trying to argue otherwise!
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