Men with handbags? (Russell & Bromley)

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  1. #1 Feb 13, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2014
    So I've done a little searching and most of the threads I could find about men with handbags were from pre-2010 and women were like "ugh I would never date a man who carries a handbag!" so I decided it would be best to just create a new thread.

    Now, before jumping to the comments section, please imagine I am your gay friend, rather than a straight potential date. (For example, my friends love my women's skinny jeans, but they wouldn't date a guy who wears them).

    I have been thinking of getting a handbag. I currently carry a basic unstructed tote (with a shoulder strap), but it is material that soaks through when it rains, also it's unstructured and it's annoying to have a bag that collapses whenever it's not full enough! Although I'm a feminine guy, I don't want an overly feminine bag, however I do think the bag I get will be from the women's section (more choice and they look better in my opinion).

    I was thinking I should get a black, structured, tote. I found one at Russell & Bromley called the LOLA tote. I think it would be perfect, and not look too feminine (carried in my hand, rather than the crook of my arm of course). What do you think? :biggrin:

    EDIT: I have no idea why the pictures aren't showing? Anyway, the link to the bag is here
  2. Just go for it, you only live once! I think the Lola is pretty unisex and would work for men as well as women. Besides, if you like the bag, why ask for anyone else's permition/acceptance when it's you who's in love with the bag and going to be carrying it? :smile:
  3. Nice bag - I agree it looks unisex and not overly feminine.

    Is it common for men to carry bags where you live?

    I'm in Toronto and see lots of men (gay and straight) with totes/messenger bags and even quite a few with what I'd consider actual handbags (example LV Speedy).

    I wish my husband would carry a bag - he stuffs his pockets with more things than I have in my handbag and is always forgetting something, where I just grab my bag and go!
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    The bag looks great! I love that it has minimalistic aesthetic and totally agree with other her it doesn't look feminine at all more of unisex vibe.

    Go for it. Life is too short to worry about other might says and don't let that be an hindrance into what make you happy. I myself loves handbags and no one can stop me wear them hehehe :smile:

    Here's some of mod pics of my bags.
    I think its in the way how we like carry and style it. Of course we should carry our bag with confidence. Hehehe
  5. I think that back will look amazing! Definitely go for it. I wish more men would carry nice bags.
  6. Cute bags! I think I'm going to get the bag. Now.. do I get it before or after my exams!?
  7. I think it's a great bag. When are exams? If relatively soon, I'd probably wait and use the bag as a treat/reward for getting through them. It would give me something to look forward to once the exam madness was over.
  8. My final exam is in 117 days. I think I'll force myself to wait. I have a strict revision timetable, with about 250 hours of revision left, so getting the bag is like basically rewarding myself £0.90 for every hour of revision done :P :giggles:
  9. Great bag, go for it :tup:
  10. Personally I think that tote looks fantastic and very structured - it also looks like a very masculine bag. I honestly thought it's a men's tote rather than unisex or women's.

    It shouldn't matter what kind of bag a guy carries anyways - gay or straight. Nothing is worse than a guy stuffing his pants pockets with a cellphone, wallet, coins, etc. and then losing everything because they're falling out of his pockets! It's a horrible look.
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    GL on your bag search!

    In the meantime, you might like these threads:

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    (There are several threads in the LV forum w/men & specific LV bags, i.e. Speedy, etc.)
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    Space for guys modeling their Hermès

    Unfortunately... there are a number of threads that pose the question... i.e. men w/Chanel?... but no dedicated, active thread for men and their Chanels (that I could find, anyway) :P Ditto for Bottega Veneta. But, there are plenty of threads on tpf... that are not gender specific... where you can find threads of men w/handbags, i.e. Post your Outfit of the Day! {OOTD}

    And fyi... you can find PurseBlog's "Man Bag Monday" series here: Blog Entries

    Enjoy! :smile:


  12. So true! Stuffed or bulged pockets is a big NO NO.
  13. I hope you get the Lola; it looks lovely! And I agree with the others, you should wear/carry whatever you want with confidence. I lived in a cool hood once where I saw this guy rocking a shirt that looked like a lace doiley, and he freaking OWNED that sh-t. That's all that matters! :smile:
    Have you checked out Gucci? Some of their men's stuff is awesome, and I hear the Guccissima line lasts a long time. My friend told me; he should know - he's worked for Gucci, Dior, Valentino, and now Hermes! :smile:
  14. It's ironic you mentioned Gucci, last night I was just looking at pre-loved Gucci on eBay (sidenote: why is secondhand Gucci so cheap on eBay?!). I didn't think I'd like the bags but I do, and they're actually cheaper on ebay than the bag I made this thread about!
  15. Hmm...that is ironic! :smile: As far as resale value goes, I'm not too savvy about why or why brands resell better on ebay than far, all I know is that Chanel definitely does really well -- sometimes giving owners double than what they paid for originally (for a vintage bag!)'s insane.