Men with Fendi Spy?

  1. Just came back from Milan few weeks ago and I saw a really good looking guy carrying a black leather Spy :yes:

    My first impression was "A man with a Spy bag !?" But after a second look it actually looks really nice on him!
    What's u guys view on men carrying the Spy bag?
  2. --Brave, LOL. Seriously, I think it is great - why worry about what anyone might think, if you like something?
  3. Spy bags are for women....period.
  4. wow not sure how I feel about this one.
  5. :happydance:Maybe he wasn't a man?
  6. Can't really imagine a spy on a man because it's such a 'girls bag' in my mind..... Ohhh lordy, imagine a 'wisteria spy! :wtf:....
  7. maybe he's gay....lolz!
  8. Wow, I'm at a loss. I guess, more power to him. If he feels like carring a purse, let him.:confused1:
    I've never seen a man carring an actual purse, and I cant even fathom it.

    Is it possible he was carring it for his girlfriend and maybe she was in a store or something and asked him to hold it? I kinda hope so...
  9. I dont see any thing wrong with it.
    Men have stuff to carry just like us women.
  10. I don't see anything wrong with it either, in fact a couple of guys on tpf have asked this question..they loved the spy but didn't want people thinking they were gay. I feel sorry that they had to feel that way and that the world is like that. I made one of my male friends model my bags and he looked good with the blueberry when he wasn't goofing off. People should carry what they love...period. (yes even fugly LV tribute bags:roflmfao:)
  11. OMG

    that is so gay !
  12. Hi. Its balenciagaLove Birthday today thread on GD anyone wanting to wish her HB
  13. Wasn't there another thread about men carrying spies and somebody posted a pic of a male pfer carrying a silver metalic spy.
  14. id find it a bit weird
  15. As baglady once said (and I totally agree with her) the spy is very feminine. I don't think it really suits a guy in my opinion. Perhaps some of the Gucci or LV mono bags?