Men With Birkins

  1. Hennaria, you look hot, and those birkins look fabulous on you.

    It is my opinion that any guy that carries H is HOT HOT HOT. I love this thread. I hope it encourages more of our male friends to come out of the woodwork!
  2. AWWWW thank you VERY much! As said my "usual" choice are the 40´s as well, but when you get offered any birkin, you will try my case it made daaaaaaaang right away! haha.
    Now, my local hermes has a 35 cm kelly at the moment in etoupe on hold for me....I will ask my SA to take a pic so you guys can help me on a decission! I will go tomorrow...
  3. Are you kidding? tPF is a forum full of enablers.... post a pic and we are naturally going to say that the purse / Kelly looks hot (which it will)!
  4. men really can pull of Hermes! At first I was skeptical when I saw the post title..but damn you guys look hot!!
  5. I love this!!
    I would not have thought it, but it looks great! Love your style!
    i can see what you mean about the batwings, and the casual look here.
    I hope we see more of you, hennaria!

  6. At last, at last! The men are posting pics! More please!
  7. MY birkin baby antik jeans, MARC JACOBS,:wlae: prada hat



  8. hennaria..
    i must say you wear hermes very well!!!! are u sure you aren't a model??? even the jpg looks like it was made just for you~!very hot:tup:

    birkin boy...
    fabulous bag.... u look HOT HOT HOT!
  9. MY birkin baby antik jeans, MARC JACOBS,:wlae: prada hat



  10. Welcome hennaria! Nice pics of you and your birkins. There is something special and personal that is unique to the size 35cm. No wonder it is the most popular. It is interesting to note how to most women, the concern is if the size of the birkin is too big for them. While for men contemplating a birkin, whether the size is too small for their frame. I think the birkin is such a wonderful and functional bag design that should be enjoyed by both sexes.

    35cm Kelly is a must-have especially in box calfskin with palladium hardware. Something about its shape and shoulder strap that goes together pretty well. I got the 35cm kelly flat that I think you might like. Check it out next time it becomes available at your local H.
  11. I hate this thread. You enablers.

    My DH saw your pics and he said he wants a birkin for himself. WTF! :wtf: Purses are my domain!

    (At least he won't give me much grief for my purses anymore.:roflmfao:)

    You all rock.

    Birkin boy, which size are you carrying? Is it 35 or 40?
  12. Birkin Boy,

    That is one hot bag and you look HOT carrying it. Details?
  13. Thanks Birkin 123 & Lyanna Stark
    My Birkin is a 35:heart:
  14. I saw a man once, just a few seconds, I was on a bus and he walking in the street:
    He was a gorgeous grey haired guy dressed very smart, and carrying a gold HAC... I suited him so well! Go for it guys!
    "Make it work!"
  15. Oh my, hennaria! You rock that JPG!!!!!!!!!!!

    Birkinboy, I love your 35cm birkin. May I ask what leather? It looks like box to me.