Men With Birkins

  1. Hello My name is Robert. I wanted to see how many guys, out there that have they self a birkin bag.
    So if you have a birkin bag or know a man with a birkin bag tell us all about it. If you have pictures that well be great!:yahoo:
  2. Hi birkin boy,

    Welcome to the Hermes sub-forum. We have quite a number of males members here and some of them own gorgeous birkins. Hope they'll post their pictures here.
  3. hi robert the birkin boy,
    welcome to the forum!
    i happen to be one of the guy here who love birkin.
    all i use is 40cm (as anything smaller would be too small for a guy) and i think a 40cm birkin or a kelly are perfect size for everyday, whereas 40cm haut a courroie is slightly too big...
  4. Hello birkin boy,

    Welcome to the forum. I like birkins as leisure bags. I have tried them in the 50cm, 35cm and 40cm. Overall, I like the 35cm as an all around birkin. I find the 50cm too heavy, and still getting used to the tall height of the 40cm. which feels more like a briefcase if you carry it for several days. Each of the sizes I've mentioned portrays the birkin design in a unique way. My favourite leather in a birkin is clemence at the moment.

    Here are some photos of my birkins:

  5. The size that's carried depends on the person. I've seen some guys carry the 50cm quite well.
  6. I am a guy and would kill for a birkin of any size!
  7. Well, I don't think you'd want to carry a 25cm.
  8. jaegerhomme- you have a WONDERFUL collection!! how about some modeling pics?
  9. If thats all i could get you never know...:graucho:
  10. I suppose you could use it as a coin purse.:p
  11. :roflmfao:....Or i could just say it was a fashion statement!;) Thats what i will do if faced with the desicion:yes:
  12. I might be tempted to get it too if it was in ruby red baby porosus croc with 18k WG hardware for aesthetic reasons.

    I would SO do it aswell! you know for aesthetic reasons.
  14. Hello Robert, welcome to H forum! My uncle he uses a birkin (I'm not sure that it is 40cm or 50cm because it is very huge one) If I have a chance, I will post his pic. Nice to know you!
  15. can anyone help me upload pics? I have one jpg shoulder birkin an several 35 cm as well...and am a man!I was supposed to show pics ages can anyone help me upload?