Men with Birkins: what do u think??

  1. i recently read this Q&A online about a guy carrying a birkin.

    "Q: I recently got a Hermès Birkin bag from my mother, and I carry it to class and when I go shopping. I know it is a purse, but give me a break: It’s a Birkin. Is that okay? I have never been one to follow traditional style, and hey, I love bags!

    A: Is it okay? It’s okay with me if you wear the whole Hermès spring line for women, and apparently it’d be cool with your mother, too. But there’s no way a Birkin is going to pass as a men’s accessory, even if you stick trout flies on it. Best-case scenario: You’re the best-dressed drag queen in your class. My advice is this: You can probably get a few grand for Mom’s Birkin on eBay. Convert it to a nice Hermès briefcase and you’ll have enough money left over to get your legs waxed."

    would u want ur SO/DH/BF to carry a birkin too??? :shrugs: would it ok for a man to carry, say....the larger travel size birkins??
  2. I think that he (and any man owning a Birkin) should send his Birkin to me - it would look much better in my arms :graucho:
  3. ^Agreed :yes: .

    I've been reading more and more recently about men owning birkins. Color me jealous!
  4. the large travel birkin is better, when i read it i was thinking of a 30...or sumthin
  5. No No No! Absolutely NO to boys with Birkins. I think the expression "feeding caviar to a donkey" springs to mind here. What is he going to put in it? No lipstick, make-up bag, spare stockings, nail polish. It'll be spanners and Landrover manuals. Well I suppose if he is going to do the make-up thin he might as well have a birkin. Otherwise, mug the so-and-so and restor the birkin to womenly territory where it belongs. And please God tell me no mother bought her boy a birkin.
  6. ^^^Agreed.
    I saw one at the boutique a few weeks ago. The guy did not look a day older than twenty and was carrying a JPG croc birkin:nuts: .
    I could not take my eyes off the bag. It would have looked better in my arms:girlsigh: .
  7. I think a guy would look better with a BIG HAC or a BIG Birkin. Definitely 45cm up for the Birkin.
  8. i know bryanboy has a gold birkin, but then again....he's not really a "guy" LOL :lol: :lol:

  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: OK...THIS cracked me up! Have to agree although I DO like a welll-dressed man carrying a nice, big, broken-in Kelly! Kinda in an odd sort of way.....
  10. NO. If my honey ever carried a birkin it would not be cool with me. Sorry, but I just don't think a man should carry any size birkin.
  11. Oh, no. Ug. The only thing I want to see my man wearing is a suit.
  12. If my man wears a birkin, it better at least be from MY closet!!! But then he would be competing w/ me to wear it....unless he gets me more!!! Whateva, as long as my man gets me more birkins & kellys, he can wear one!!! Wait... I change my mind!! Hells No!! He CAN STILL get me the Birkins though!!!:lol: :graucho: :tender:
  13. The only time I want to see a man with a birkin in his hand is when he is walking towards me, holding it out with a loving look and a bunch of roses in the other hand. That I could tolerate!
  14. ^ Amen to that!
    Mine would rather have a root canal than carry a Birkin.!!
  15. Depends on the man...some can really pull it off!

    I would rather my man carry mine for me when I am busy (shopping, getting out of the car etc....kind of sexy.
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